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Freewebsites gives you 50 megabytes of webspace. Unlimited E-mail addresses! FTP access for uploading No file size limits! Free ready to use CGI's Server Side Include support Web Based File Manager Unlimited hits and bandwidth! Hosting on secure high end Unix servers! Choice of advertising (including BANNER LESS!) URL such as
Geocities provides 15 megabytes of space. Despite the long URL of your homepage this has many utilities, is easy to contact, and you can update your page on the web or by FTPing it. You may then use GeoCities' file manager utility to create your home page. Or, you may submit your custom home page and graphics files using their "EZ File Upload Utility." URL, such as
Tripod gives 20 megabytes of webspace. Tripod gives its members a choice between pop-up ads and embedded ads. It has over 4 million members and which is owned by search portal Lycos. Tripod offers support for Microsoft FrontPage extensions. However, we've had a number of complaints that Tripod's FrontPage server is slow and buggy. URL, such as
Angelfire gives 20 megabytes of webspace. A major free Web space provider that is owned by search portal Lycos. Angelfire  supports FrontPage extensions. You may advertise your business here, but you may not have paid advertising banners on your page. URL such as gives 20 megabytes of webspace. This server gives you what is called a "sub-domain"  Your account is activated almost immediate and you can upload instantly. Plus, they will put their banner wherever you tell them to. Your page must be uploaded in order to be updated  URL, such as
A reliable free Web space provider, offers you 150 megabytes of space and free subdomains. Here, you upload your files using FTP, or via their online Easy Upload utility. also offers a number of free enhancements for your site, such as a guest book and a message board. They also feature a free submission utility to help you get listed in the Web's search engines. URL, such as
Fortunecity gives 20 megabytes of webspace. have added subdirectory support, making it easier to manage your files. now offers free Web hosting services in Britain, Germany, France, and Sweden as well as a Spanish language service. URL such as
Crosswinds offers unlimited Webspace and Email! Join over 1.4 Million registered members that have made Crosswinds their personal and business hosting provider. URL such as
This free Web hoster offers 100 megabytes of space, along with such handy features as FTP support and free stats and site tools. A banner-ad supported service, offers fast and reliable servers. URL such as 
Freeserver offers 12 megabytes of webspace. Here's a free ad-supported Web hosting service that offers a choice of six subdomains and unlimited E-mail addresses. Visitors report various bugs and glitches with the page-building process. URL such as  
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