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Bravenet Bravenet gives you lot of options. you can customize everything according to your choice.
Extreme Tracking
This is more than a counter; it tracks where the person is from, what system he/she is using, screen resolutions, number of colors, what link brought them to your page, what search engine they used, what keywords they used, what browser they used, all in bar graph form! It even gives you how many people you had a week, day, month, overall, and states the highest of each one, while keeping a record of all the other ones! 
Online Counter
A good counter.  It updates live as people enter your site.  Can also make sounds as people enter your site.  The coding is very simple, you can change the fonts and color of the digits, and even have a message come up in the digits area when they put their mouse over it!  Also many more things you can do with this counter.
Live Counter
This counter updates as people enter your page so if someone visits your page while your there you'll see it increase. All that's required is a CGI-BIN, and a bit of preparation.
Geocities Counter
They give you a separate counter for each one of your pages on the same account. The coding is very simple. But you have to be a Geocities Member.
ToolZone Counter
You can edit the digits on this counter. 
LE FastCounter
Nice efficient display, takes no time to load, and sends you your number of visitors every week in the mail, included with the total number of visitors
Takes a while to contact the host, therefore slowing down the loading time of the counter. Sometimes I check and it says its free, then sometimes it says its starting to charge.
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