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Free URL Redirection
Name URL Example Domain Choices Forced Ads Features
CJB 1 Remove for $9.95/yr Cloaking, Email, much more 5 None Cloaking
Rename 200+ Popup, Delay, or Frame Email, Statistics
ULimit 18 None Cloaking, Email, Metatags, Statistics
V3 94 Popup, Delay, or Frame Cloaking, Email or 9 Link Cloaking
MyServer.Org you.myserver 19 None Cloaking, Email
DK3 1 Yes Cloaking
OhGo 2 Popup, Delay, or Frame Cloaking
Free URL 93 None (on 12 domains) Cloaking, Metatags, 4/website
Is-Here 5 None Cloaking, Metatags
SmastRedirect 27 Popup, Delay, or Frame Cloaking, Email
ZDos 38 Popup Cloaking, 1/website 9 Ad frame Email, Counter, Metatags
WebAlias &
30 Popup, Popup w/Nav-bar, or Delay Cloaking, Statistics, Metatags, Access Restrictions 1 15-sec Delay -
TSX 1 Popup Cloaking, Metatags
VDirect 10 Popup, Delay, or Frame Cloaking, Statistics, Email 1 Popup Cloaking
InternetJump 126 Link -
Jaze 4 Popup Cloaking, Metatags 1 Banner & Link 1 URL per person
ES.FM ? banner Spanish language site
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