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Webjump gives 25 Megabytes of webspace. Activation of your account is immediate, but its is hard to contact the host to upload. I think the banner goes at the bottom of your page. Your page must be uploaded in order to be updated (No Online Editors.) URL such as
One of the best free Web hosters that we've seen yet, ZeroCatch offers you 100 megs of space. This banner-ad supported hoster has speedy, reliable servers. Features here include FTP support, site promotion and more. If you're looking for an added draw for your site, check out their "partnership" program, which lets you become a free Web space provider yourself.
 URL, such as
Although this server doesn't give out subdomains. Cybercities don't put any banners, ads, or have pop-up windows on your page. You upload using your own FTP software. (No Online Editors.) URL, such as
A promising Web hoster that allows you full CGI and PHP capability. Here, you get 10 megs of space and FTP file management. There are lots of free services here to spice up your site, too. URL such as
Here's a reliable free, banner-supported Web hosting service that offers you 100 megs of space, along with FTP support, site promotion, and speedy servers.  URL, such as
Fsn (Free site network) offers you 30 megabytes of webspace. It takes a while at first to get your page up and running, and to get your account activated, but after that, its worth it.  Although they do stick a banner at the top of your page.  Your page must be uploaded in order to be updated (No Online Editors.) URL, such as
WBS gives you unlimited webspace!   The only problem is that you can't use your own FTP software, and have to use their file up loader. URL such as
This site gives unlimited space. You can't update your page online. They give you your own chat room, and lots of graphics to use.  This is a very fast server. But they do put a 2 cm frame at the top of your page as an ad.
This site gives you 10 megs of space and unlimited bandwidth. also features FTP access, redundant servers and tape backups, as well as free Web-based E-mail accounts. 
A speedy, solid free hosting service which offers 20 megabytes of Web space for your personal or commercial Web site. Esmartstart lets you use your own domain name or you may choose from among 12 virtual domains. Here, you get full FTP access, as well as an easy-to-use Web-based file manager. Other features include unlimited E-mail addresses, a guest book, counter, templates and more. Excellent tech support is provided via E-mail. 
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